Road Trip 2012

In August of 2012, Oliver and I took an epic ( read: way too much to see in too short of a time ) road trip from Bellingham, WA through Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches, Mesa Verde, Four Corners, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Zion, June Lake, Yosemite, San Francisco, Redwoods, Portland, and back to Bellingham.  Whew!  It was great, but a long time to be in the car.  Hence, for our honeymoon this year, we traveled by Amtrak to Glacier National Park and rode shuttles. 😉

Kari and Oliver at Antelope Canyon

Here is my Blurb book of the trip.

Rubber Side Down – KO’s Road Trip to the National Park – August 2012

I enjoy putting books like this together.  I think my initial inspiration came from my cousin Jen who put together books of our trips in Greece and Thailand.  Now, it’s a labor of love for me.

I am happy to put them together for clients as well from images I took of them or their own.  Get in touch with me for pricing details on your special project.

Enjoy our National Park journey!


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