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My photography habit, as I affectionately call it, began when I was about nine years old and I received my very own Kodak 110 camera. That camera went with me on trips to Yellowstone, many family parties and it was used to take an inordinate amount of pictures of the cats I grew up alongside. In high school, I continued my habit by taking Photography and Yearbook to expand my experience and have some fun. After years of being told I had a “great eye” I decided to get serious and enrolled in the University of Washington Extension Certificate Program in Photography in 2006 to further my education and learn where my habit could take me. Happily, it prepared me to make this habit/hobby into a business and Kari Quaas Photography is the result.
My mom, me and my portrait at the Evergreen State Fair taken by Bob Benson.
My mom, me and my portrait taken by Bob Benson at the Evergreen State Fair in the early 70s.
I have since graduated to bigger and better cameras and still find that my fascination with photography continues as well as my love of photographing cats. Here are some highlights of my career over the last several years.
  • 2008 – I opened my first solo fine art photography show called Zero to 255 in Seattle.
  • 2009 – I created a series of photographs called The Elements, which were displayed at A Gathering Grove in Everett, Washington. I also traveled to Greece and took a kazillion photos over there – blue skies and cats.
  • 2010 – I took a trip to Thailand and thoroughly enjoyed photographing the landscape and food(!) over there.
  • 2011 – I was busy with people portraits, both professional and casual, for social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and various dating sites. I was also hired to documents small events around the City of Seattle for the Alliance for Pioneer Square and UW Professional and Continuing Education.
  • 2012 – It was filled with First Thursday events in Pioneer Square, and pleasure photography during my National Park travels and at home in Bellingham.
  • 2013 – I got married so I got to be in front of the lens of Dani Weiss, Seattle portrait and wedding photographer. She’s great! I also continued my National Park travels, and I volunteered for the ALS Association Evergreen Chapter. And, I started the blog Everett Sunsets to document the beautiful light displays we are witness too each night from our house.
  • 2014 – I documented family members’ decade birthday parties this spring, enjoyed a trip to Norway this summer, photographed ALS Association fundraising events, and photographed events in Pioneer Square throughout the year. I even adopted at cat at the Alley Cats event in August! And, finally, I really enjoyed documenting Howlidays in December.


  • 2015 – I documented a bunch more sunsets and held a couple of shows around Snohomish County. One at the Everett chocolate shop called Oh Sweet! and another at a women’s clothing boutique in Edmonds called Rogue. I also became a co-op member of Nomad Northwest in Shoreline, where I sold more sunsets, greeting cards and miscellany. In December, I was lucky enough to shoot the Howlidays event again in Pioneer Square in Seattle.


  • 2016 – It was an interesting year of experimentation. I completed my time at Nomad Northwest. I had an co-operative space in downtown Everett for a while at Basecamp, which was also home to Everett Music Initiative through October. And, I grew my Snohomish County connected by co-founding the North Sound Artist Collective with Beth Francois of Coyote Moon Arts. We had monthly art showcases from August to November.
  • 2017 -I started the year up with two shows on Colby Ave. in downtown Everett – one at Petite Sweet Bakery and one at The Valley Organic Deli. I attended the Women’s March in Washington D.C. on January 21 from which (someday) I plan to create a special show or post. You can read my reasons for marching here. I have done at least one North Sound Artist Collective show and had a show at Essence Salon in Seattle, but then, I got a job and traveled to Europe, and, and, and. I will be live and in person at the Normanna bazaar / Scandinavian Festival on November 17 and 18. More details here.
  • Clearly, something happened in 2018 through 2022. Different job, more volunteering with Northwest Neighborhood. Grateful for some little shows, and the opportunity to document some murals in Seattle during the COVID-19 pandemic

My real passion is to capture the personalities of animals and people. My love and respect of animals, and especially cats, helps me to bond quickly to them, and that trust, yields wonderful photographs. My desire to document the day also shines through when I photograph small family events catching the moments that will be remembered fondly for many years to come.

If you are interested in a non-studio portrait session for you, your family or your pets, or you would like for someone else to be the photographer at your small event, please get in touch via email or by phone at 425-923-0334. I am happy to come to where you are or meet in a outdoor environment throughout Snohomish County. And, typically, you might also find me in Pioneer Square in Seattle.

My free and quality time is spent with my husband Oliver, and our three cats, Bitches, Johan, and Gatita. =^.^= Collectively, we also do a fair bit of gardening at our home in Everett. Oliver and I do the weeding and cultivating, and the cats do the fertilizing and greeting of the passersby. We recently won a Monte Cristo Award for Green Gardening. Yay Team!



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