Married, yaw, married

I’m not surprised that I haven’t posted for over a month.  I’ve been busy getting hitched!  When I returned from the bachelorette / volunteering / Cool Works’ing trip to Alaska, I jumped feet first into the tail end of our wedding planning and preparation.  It was a LOT of work, but a lot of FUN work too.  As I keep saying to O, I’m happy now that we can get on with the rest of our lives. 🙂

Being a photographer, one might think that I would’ve taken lots of images at the wedding.  BUT, instead, I decided to leave it to the professional, my friend and photographer, Dani Weiss.  She did an awesome job and it was fun and educational to watch her work. Below is a link to to her site, and also to the place where you can view the images she made of us.

Quick instructions.  Load her website.  Click “view your event.” Find our names “KariOliver.”  Enter your email address and you’re off.  Enjoy!

So, instead of posting a lot of wedding photographs, what I have to share here is some “snapshots” I took with my phone (of all things) at the property, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner.  We really were surrounded with lots of love and had a marvelous celebration.

Getting our toes done at Jimmy's in Fairhaven
Toe time
Suit and Dress
Our wedding clothes
The moon leading up to our wedding week
The moon
Oliver in his suit
Oliver in his suit
Curious Speck
Daisies in our front yard
Loading the car
Gorgeous trees at RhythmWaters
Kari and Papa Quaas at the rehearsal
Chairs for the guests
The tents from Diamond Rentals
The pig’s head at the rehearsal dinner.
A walk on the beach – night before the wedding.
Well, sort of.
The view waking up on the wedding day.
Linda’s gorgeous table decorations.
The bell made by O’s dad, Tom.


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