Denali Dreamin’

It’s almost the end of the month so I best get one post in for June!  I spent a good chunk of this month traveling up in the great state of Alaska.  The first week was spent as a Company Advisor (aka youth educator / mentor) for Alaska Business Week.  Eight students from all over Alaska were in my company, and I guided them through business education and fun activities for a week at University of Alaska Fairbanks.  I, myself, was a student in the 20th century at Washington Business Week at Central Washington University.  I, now, serve on the board of directors, and jumped at the aligning of dates and opportunity to volunteer at the Alaska camp this year.

My students and our feet:

Company E!

Company E's feet

When the week was over, I boarded the Alaska Railroad and made my way down to Denali National Park and Preserve.  I then changed gears to represent my day job at  I met up with some of our job site’s users affectionately known as the tribe and we headed into the park.


On the Alaska Railroad

Kari and Aggie

Patty, Warren, and Aggie

On our Eielson Visitor Center tour we saw many fun creatures!

Dall Sheep by Kari Quaas

Ptarmigan by Kari Quaas

Moose by Kari Quaas

Sparrow by Kari Quaas

Caribou by Kari Quaas

Aggie with antlers

Arctic Ground Squirrel by Kari Quaas

Fox by Kari Quaas

And even though my friend Richard was making fun of me, I took a photo of some of the smallest creatures I saw….a caterpillar and a bee.

Caterpillar by Kari Quaas

Bee by Kari Quaas

One might claim, this too, is one of the smallest creatures. Ha!

Bear by Kari QuaasWe did not see a wolf either, but that is just incentive to return.  And, I’d love, with the proper preparation, to come back and ride the Park Road on bicycle.

Cyclist by Kari Quaas

And, lucky for us, the Mountain (Denali) was out!  What a glorious day!

Denali by Kari Quaas

The Nursery by Kari Quaas


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