Yep, It’s December

I will acknowledge that I am one of the most irregular bloggers ever. I suppose that it’s a reality for a person who spends much of the year planning and attending an extensive list of events and meetings.

My main categories of doing at the time of this writing:

  • Community Engagement Coordinator (previously Outreach and Media Specialist) at Snohomish Conservation District
  • Chair of Northwest Neighborhood in Everett – featured on Live in Everett
  • Commissioner on the Districting Commission in Everett – learn more
  • Volunteer at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church including their Art Committee and holiday baskets donor and driver

Oh, and every once in a while, I do this thing called photography where I show my art at shows and sneak in a portrait session. I ended up having two Everett Art Walk shows in July and November, a display of my work at Our Savior’s this fall, and an actually craft/holiday bazaar in November. It’s fun when I get to show off what I do and love.

As the year comes to a close, by all means reach out if you’re interested in some of my art – metal prints, greeting cards, or something custom. The best way to stay in touch with what I’m doing is through Instagram so follow me there to know what’s up.

And, this wouldn’t be a good photography blog without some photos. So, enjoy and have a very merry holiday season! Wishing everyone peace and good will for 2020.



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