Everett’s Districting Commission

Yep, I made the short list. The decision was made by the Everett City Council on May 29, 2019 and the story was in the Everett Herald today.

I thought I’d share my two main application answers because they feel like some of the best writing pieces I’ve done lately, and they’re true to my experience and passion for equity. I am looking forward to this process engaging with individuals across the city of Everett. I may chair Northwest Neighborhood, but I would love to see a more unified community across the whole city of Everett.

Photo credit: City of Everett

Read more information about the commission via the city’s website.

Please provide background, experience, and qualifications that would assist you in serving on this board/commission. I have a deep interest in equity, diversity and community engagement. I grew up in Everett, raised by two parents who also grew up in Everett. We were a middle class family, eventually separated by divorce. My mother was a teacher, and my dad ran a flower shop. My mother was bipolar and I, at an early age, learned to take care of myself and recognize that all of us have challenges, and we should respect each other’s differences. I was raised to give back to others and have been a volunteer throughout my life. I started working at 15 and came out of college debt free. My local job history has been with the City of Everett, Catholic Community Services, the Everett (Giants) AquaSox, and post-Bachelors in Sociology from WSU Pullman, I worked front-line and management jobs in tourism, hospitality, safety, human resources, recruiting and employment. My jobs have tended to be ones that look out for the greater good, focus on equal opportunity, and connect members of communities. I also served on the Board of Directors for Washington Business Week (WBW) for 8 years. WBW’s focus was teaching high school students about business. It, too, had a focus on equity and opportunity for all youth regardless of income level. Most recently, I have moved into the conservation field as an Outreach and Media Specialist with the Snohomish Conservation District located in Lake Stevens. We strive to protect natural resources and extend our services to all regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, income, gender, etc. Even within our district, we note that our audience needs to grow and change to reflect the diverse community now living in Snohomish County. I am aware of my privileges as a white, middle class, woman living in the north end of the city. I see the challenges within Everett based on our geographical shape, history and economic ranges. Personally, I aim to balance the scales. I want everyone to feel safe and included in Everett. I know that my life has centered around the old core of Everett. I want Casino to feel included. I want the areas around the mall to feel included. I want to get to the heart of why people are not involved in the community.
Which neighborhood do you reside in? Please describe your participation in your neighborhood and community. I grew up and live again in the Northwest Neighborhood. As a teenager, I also spent part of my high school years living in View Ridge/Madison. In 2013, I moved back to Everett after living in Seattle and Bellingham. Shortly thereafter, I started attending the Northwest Neighborhood meetings. In 2017, I put my hat in the ring to be Chair and have served two years in that role. I will continue as Chair for one more year until April 2020. Within my role as Chair, I am the facilitator for our monthly meetings securing guest speakers from a variety of sources, serve as lead on the Steering Committee, help to run the Mother of All Garage Sales community event, and this year, am the lead for our first annual Bike to School event in partnership with the Whittier PTA. I also attend our various events from the park cleanup, neighborhood cleanup and Easter Egg Hunt. I support our surrounding neighborhoods including Delta and Bayside, and have spoken at the Pinehurst Neighborhood. I am the Alternate for the Council of Neighborhoods. I am proud of our Northwest neighbors, who really have stood up and engaged over the years to protect our parks, safety, and feeling of community. Beyond my neighborhood association affiliation, I attend Engage Everett, have participated in the downtown Art Walk as an artist/photographer, and am a member of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in View Ridge. We are lucky in Everett to have many ways to cross-pollinate and work together. I am an avid gardener and have tried to lead by example for green gardening. We received a Monte Cristo Award in 2017. Conversations on the street build community. I enjoy seeing the boost to downtown Everett with new restaurants and businesses, and am thrilled by the soon to be open new bridge and access to the waterfront. We have so much potential here and I would love for residents from the tip of Legion to Airport Road to feel that they’re a part of our greater community.

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