Zen Cat

About a week ago I finished a mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) class through Mindfulness Northwest. I was so pleased that they finally had a class in Everett. My friend KJ joined me. It was wholehearted, delightful and a real treat.

For the last class we brought in, if we wished, an item that meant mindfulness to us. I chose the meditating cat in this photo.

Which one you might ask?

Hee hee.

I think I am still trying to emulate my cats, and I’ve had quite a few. They very much live in the moment, and do not get hung up on the past.

I shall keep practicing.

If you want a nice way to spend Tuesday evenings, and you live in Everett or near, check out the MBSR class starting in April. I hope that a fresh new class of souls takes the journey. It’s a good one.


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