A Look Back at 2016

For me, this year has been relentless in terms of fighting for my convictions, my belief in something being fair and just, and a realization that my feelings are real, worth hearing, and may not be easy for others to hear. I think that we all have had some suffering in 2016, and perhaps that’s why we all are reaching for 2017 with such fervor. I’m older and wiser enough to know that not much will change in the new year without actions and changes by me. And, really, that’s all I can affect change for. Myself.

So as I look back on 2016, I am grateful for many moments, and people who helped me along the way. I also realize that there are many people I’ve shed this year for a variety of reasons. I wish them well in the future. Our paths crossed for a reason, but those reasons were not for longevity. So it goes.

Here are some of my favorites images of 2016. I hope to create many more in 2017, and in many years to come.










All the best for the year to come. Onward!


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