Good Ole Everett

I recently moved back to my childhood home that I inherited from my mom in 1994.  It’s a bizarre thing to be back here, and really have it be mine, to do what I wish.  It’s essentially been a rental since early 1995 and I’ve only fixed things as needed.  It’s time for a refresher and to figure out what we really want it to be for us.  Our “to-do” and wish lists are long, but it’s very satisfying to know that we can do whatever we want.  Renting has its pros, but owning is a whole lot better.

Here are some photos from the move and the view.  It’s one of those rare locations that I’ve always felt I couldn’t get back if I let it go.  I’m so glad that I was able to maintain it over these many years.  It’s a treat to look out the windows.

Using my CDL for good purposes. ;-)
Using my CDL for good purposes. 😉
I still have some skills!
Sun over the garage
Sunset glow – September 2013
A happy kitten.
Cloudy, but picturesque
Another glowy sunset

As I continue to rediscover the town I once knew, I may start another blog about it.  We’ll see.  It is fun to see an old place with new eyes and an open mind.  Tonight I’ll be going to a presentation on Rain Gardens put on by the City of Everett and WSU Extension.  I cannot wait.  We have such dreams for what our yard could be.


3 thoughts on “Good Ole Everett

  1. Kari dear: You can go home,…. when the time is right! So glad you have come full cycle to share this new life with your dear Oliver at your childhood home. May your path continue to bring you both much love! Always, Terry

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