The cat that has many names…

This post is dedicated to one of the two cats with whom I share my home. She was Oliver’s cat and now I feel like she is our cat.  She’s great.

She came with the name Roxy.

She looks like she’s been doing cocaine (the white fur beneath her nose gives it away).  So add Coke Nose.

Oliver named her Bitches.  It’s fitting in many ways.  And, you get to walk in the door and say ” ‘sup Bitches?”  Awesome.

I added “Tuffs on Ears” because, well, she’s got them.

So here’s a post for my adoptive cat, which is funny to say because in many ways they adopt us. =^.^=

Cheers to you, Roxy Coke Nose Bitches Tuffs on Ears.

A cozy moment of our cat


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