Last Day of November

This time of the year always sneaks up on me.  Suddenly, Thanksgiving is gone.  The Christmas ads are being shown in record numbers.  Buy, Buy, Buy!  I always think about how I could’ve done a better job of marketing my greeting cards throughout the year.  Oh well.  I start to think about the previous year’s resolutions and how many I achieved.  And, actually, looking at my list, I didn’t do too shabby.


Last year I did a personal Thanksgiving card via email for my friends and family.  This year, I aim to do a custom paper card.  Whoa, paper.  Over the years, I have always enjoyed the creative process of making the card, and also reflecting with thanks upon the fun experiences of the year that was.  This year I’m looking forward to taking stock of my life with Oliver in 2012 and share some of our gems.  The deadline is December 25th, right?!  I can do it!


Some quick thoughts on my photography business for kicks.  I’m pleased that my main website and this blog are fresh for the year ahead and, for being a one woman show with a separate full time job, I truly have had a good year.  I’m thankful to my clients for putting their faith and trust in me.  Getting paid to do what I love rocks.


This is beginning to sound like the Thanksgiving post I didn’t write a week ago. Tee hee.

Happy December all.  May you have good memories of times spent with your friends and family this holiday season!  And by all means, be sure to take some photographs to document those experiences and the people you love.  You’ll be glad you did! 😉


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