About Kari Quaas

I make photos.  Generally, they’re of people, pets, my surroundings and small events.  I’ve been told that I put people at ease and they believe that I see things that most people don’t.  Photography has been a draw and passion of mine since I was nine years old.  Cats too.

I live in Everett, Washington, my hometown, with my husband, Oliver, and our cats, Bitches (yes, that’s her name), Johan, and Gatita.

Lately, I’ve turned my good fortune of having an amazing view of the bay and Olympic Mountains from my house into another photography hobby called Everett Sunsets.  Follow the blog to get your daily sunset fix.

My day job in conservation, and my volunteer gig for the Northwest Everett Neighborhood, limit my availability, but I typically do the following work – small events, personal and family portraits, and pet photography – in Everett, and sometimes in Seattle.  Give me a call at 425-923-0334 or email to discuss your project.  I’d love to document and capture what you love on “film.”

Thanks for checking out my musings!  Cheers! =^.^=

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