2023 Life Update

I got to get with the times! I know that I’m a busy person. I like it that way. However, there are limits to what one can do in a week, and lately, my world has consisted of the following things – my home and life with Oliver and the cats, my job with Snohomish Conservation District, my volunteering with Sno-Isle Food Co-op, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Everett Station District Alliance, Rotary Club of Everett, and Northwest Neighborhood, and taking my dad Ralph to lots of medical appointments since his fall in January 2023. And excitingly, as of April, I am also working part time with the City of Everett as a Project Coordinator, Placemaking and Events!

To make this all work takes a flexible and adaptable brain, stamina, and great people within all of those spheres. Ideally, my job world will settle down into a 32-36 hours a week scenario with the two gigs in play, and my volunteer activities balance throughout the month. Papa Q gets me when he needs me. And, the cats and Oliver get their share, too. Like I shared on my LinkedIn update, I am grateful I get to play in multiple sandboxes. It keeps life full and fun.

As ever, this wouldn’t be a photography blog without some photos so here are some good ones from the first quarter plus of the year. 🙂

These first two were taken by other folks since I’m in them – novel! The one on the left by Emma Crocker and the one on the right by, I think, someone from Forterra. Both were taken at a Farm to Table dinner I planned and hosted at the end of March at The Lodge at Sonneveldt Vineyard tied to my work with Sustainable Lands Strategy via my district job. It was a fabulous event and we premiered a video I championed and project managed called “Life in the Floodplain – Sultan, WA” filmed by CaravanLab.

Gatita, Bitches, and Johan – my delightful furry friends, who still charm in every way, less the yowls for breakfast treats.

Papa Quaas – the bruises were from a nasty fall crossing the street. He had a dislocation fracture to his dominant arm shoulder and had that broken wing for 8 weeks. There were some low points, but he’s bouncing back and gaining strength. It’s a real testament to his desire to contribute and keep on living at the age of 89! We’ve spent a lot of time in the car cruising to medical appointment and Rotary. I’m lucky to do this, and so is he.

Oliver. We have a good partnership, and I’m ever grateful that we found each other.

Friends far and wide. Lucky for these ladies and laughter!

Wild spring weather.

I hope that 2023 is off to a good start for you the reader. My next gig will be photographing the Pioneer Square Spring Clean in Seattle on May 20. Sign up to volunteer if you’re willing and able.



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