Alley Image Press for Me in The Atlantic’s City Lab

It’s always nice to hear when someone likes one of my images. It’s even better for one to be selected from a large group of images for a publication. This last week, I was fortunate to have both happen.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work for the Alliance for Pioneer Square and the Alley Network Project in Seattle, Washington. Commonly, they seek to promote Seattle’s First Neighborhood, and uniquely to Alley Network Project, they strive to bring life to the alleys of Pioneer Square.

Back in 2012, I photographed the opening of a bike shop called Back Alley Bike Repair on a First Thursday. One of my favorite recollections about this evening was the fact that it was a nighttime event. I don’t like to use flash so I shot the images on a high ISO and handheld. When I review the images, I’m personally quite pleased that the light, hue, and temperature of the images is as it was.

Here’s the set of images I took that evening:


And, here’s a link to the article in The Atlantic’s City Lab by Eillie Anzilotti

What a treat to be published again!


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