June is Busting Out All Over

May zoomed by. June is already a third of the way done. And, we’ve got plans for Labor Day weekend. 😉

In reality, I’m still trying to live day to day and address tasks as I go. Part of the my trip – WAY back in April – to Arizona was to learn a new system of organizing called Holacracy. It’s been rather like learning a new language, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for working from roles, not souls, and grouping together work in circles supported by projects and tasks. Not only is it directing my Cool Works world, but I am trying to apply it to my photography, daily life and home tasks. At least it’s generic enough for that based on the uphill learning curve.

(And, we did have some fun in Arizona, too. How can you not when it’s warm, there are ghost towns, and the Grand Canyon!)


Coming off of the flu and trying to learn about holacracy, and then get back to my Cool Works work, was rough. All I could dream of was getting to my vacation to the Big Island of Hawai’i in the middle of May. And, now, that’s already come and gone.

I don’t mean to sound so ho hum, but it’s been a wild year. I’ve felt overwhelmed. Tired. Stressed. De-stabilized. Re-stabilized. Productive. Adventurous. More!

“So, what does this have to do with photography?,” you may be asking. I guess it’s about prioritizing what’s important. Throughout being sick and the barrage of meetings we had when we started the Holacracy implementation, I had to make some serious decisions about how I was spending my time, and what really mattered to me.

Here’s what went away:

  • Volunteering at Nomad Northwest
  • Volunteering at the Everett Animal Shelter
  • Having boxes of unopened metal prints scattered around my house

Here’s what is new:

  • Having an office away from my house at Basecamp in downtown Everett
  • Having walls to display my art outside of my house
  • A refreshed mind


I knew I was stressed and feeling burnout with my job, but until I returned from our vacation, I didn’t realize how much I needed the “stop.” Pauses are good.

And, because this really doesn’t seem like it’s a photography blog without a bunch of photography, here are some photos from our trip to Hawai’i. Aloha is real and healing.

If anyone is thinking of visiting the Big Island, here are some of the spots we stayed and visited. Such a wonderful place in this world!


Hale ‘Ohai – Monkeypod Tree House – Airbnb

Kalani Oceanside Resort – Breakfast spot / retreat center

Volcanoes National Park


HK Hales – VRBO

Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau (Place of Refuge – National Historical Park)

Two Step – snorkeling near the Place of Refuge

Waimea, Hilo and Saddle Road

Dan-o’s Döner – lunch

Mauna Kea

Low Store – shaved ice on the Old Mamalahoa Highway

Kona Coast

Turtle Island on Kiholo Bay – swimming / watching turtles rest

Lava Lava Beach Club – pina coladas

Kona Brewing Co. – beer and pizza

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory – only single-origin chocolate grown in the United States – tours / great chocolate / up close and personal with geckos

Costco – everything else 😉

Mahalo for reading!


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