I Sure Love This Cat…

…and all cats. I recently started volunteering at the Everett Animal Shelter in the Feline Care area and it’s awesome. It’s so out of my normal day to day of staring at computer screens and thinking about job postings for Cool Works. I get to visit the cats, check and fill their water dishes, move towels from place to place, and best of all, I get to facilitate visits for potential forever homes for those cats. Yeah. It’s great.

People who love animals, FTW!

cat yawn by Kari Quaas
My sweet boy in the midst of a deep yawn.
Johan Surveys His ‘Hood

Oh, and Gatita, our long-time visiting cat is officially ours. She’s been living with us since July and is a real treat. Although, she can be ridiculously obnoxious when hungry or she smells fresh meat! They are carnivores, I suppose. She’s a wonderful addition to our family, and I have even sensed a growing partnership between the two female cats in the household. Poor Johan.;-)

Gatita (little cat – she was born in Puerto Rico) looking up at me
Female cat lunch time

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