Sunday Adventure – Teddy Bear Cove and Taylor Shellfish

Last weekend, Oliver and I were trying to decide what to do and wanted to get outside since the sun was out.  We tried to pick randomly from the multiple directions out of a hat, but ended up choosing to go south to Chuckanut Drive, which honestly, is always a good choice.

We hiked down to Teddy Bear Cove, a glorious little white sand beach below Chuckanut Drive and just north of Larrabee State Park.  The trail, according to Oliver, has been re-done and quite nice.  It’s a lovely walk through the trees, zig zagging one’s way down to the railroad tracks.



Teddy Bear Cove sign

Kari thinking "Oliver Ross"

Oliver walking through the woods

Once you cross the tracks, you can walk down to the beach or walk up onto another hill where you have a stunning view of Chuckanut Bay.

About to cross the tracks

Railroad Tracks along Chuckanut Bay

Teddy Bear Cove beach

Beautiful Chuckanut Bay



Self-portrait - OK

View from bluff

Brightly lit Madrona tree

Madrona tree as chair

Lovely view of Chuckanut Bay

After our little hike, we drove farther south down Chuckanut Drive to Taylor Shellfish, which was recently featured on the TV show, Top Chef Season 10: Seattle.  We wanted to try some oysters, which we hope to serve at our wedding later this year.  We were not disappointed.  We bought a dozen to eat there and took another bunch home.


They have a nice deck and picnic tables, all with a stunning view.

The deck at Taylor Shellfish


The train in the distance

Oyster prep

Oysters (shigoku, which means ultimate in Japanese)

Seagull island

Leaving Taylor Shellfish Farm

All in all a lovely Sunday drive and boy are we lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest. 🙂


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